New biocomposite – new possibilities

Aqvacomp is a new type of biocomposite that utilises pulp fibre from the forest to reinforce plastic materials.

The patented technology utilised by Aqvacomp uses pulp fibre as reinforcement without breaking its structure. This produces Aqvacomp’s excellent technical properties and superb processability in technical applications, for example. Aqvacomp composites are also especially well-suited for acoustic and haptic applications.

Aqvacomp technology is compatible with many different polymers (such as PP, PE, PS, ABS, and PLA). It is also possible to customise the composite’s properties to meet the exact requirements of the end product. Unlike conventional composites, Aqvacomp composites are available in hundreds of different varieties according to the end product requirements.

Aqvacomp composites can be used just like plastic with existing equipment in injection moulding and extrusion, for example.


WPC NFC Innovation Award 2015 nova: Third place: Aqvacomp Oy and Flaxwood Oy (FI), Cellulose fibre-reinforced polystyrene for music instruments those composites have the potential to replace the use of a number of rare and threatened wood species.