Aqvacomp biocomposites are versatile and can be used extensively to replace plastics based on fossil raw materials.

Aqvacomp Oy develops and manufactures a natural fibre composite made of a renewable natural material, pulp fibre. It is used to replace plastics as well as reinforcements used for plastic raw materials: fibreglass, other reinforcements and mineral fillings. The key purpose of mixing pulp fibre into plastics is to improve the mechanical, physical and chemical properties of plastics and reduce the use of plastics.

At the moment, the main polymer matrices in Aqvacomp products are PP (polypropylene), PE (polyethylene) and PS (polystyrene) and their bio-based derivatives. Aqvacomp uses a patented wet-web process for manufacturing the natural fibre composite.

Examples of applications:

Off-Road vehicles
Home appliances
Household Products
Speakers/ Instruments
Wireless communication
Living and Functional
Sport and Leisure

LG’s Soundbar speakers use a biocomposite manufactured by Aqvacomp.