Sustainable development and quality

  • We are committed to sustainable development and high quality in all our operations.
  • We offer bio-based and sustainable substitutes for conventional plastics.
  • We take the environment into consideration throughout the supply chain.
  • Aqvacomp’s quality system is certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and environmental management system in accordance with ISO 14001.
  • Our natural fibre raw materials are obtained from sources complying with the FSC forest certification system.

Sustainable development and quality policy

Aqvacomp offers bio-based materials as more sustainable substitutes for the most common plastics. We provide our customers with high-performance products whose environmental impact has been minimised. We pay attention to our supply chain and the people involved throughout the chain.

In order to achieve a more sustainable future and reach our quality objectives, we pay particular attention to the following:

  • Our process meets the needs and expectations of our customers and other interest groups.
  • The environmental impacts of our materials are as low as possible from the product life cycle perspective, without compromising the high quality.
  • We minimise the use of energy and resources in our production and manage our waste responsibly.
  • We do not pollute the soil, groundwater or atmosphere.
  • Our operating model is based on the Commitment to Sustainable Development.
  • We systematically strive to improve quality and sustainability.

These practices lead our way towards increasing commitment to sustainability and quality. All members of our team must ensure that their work conforms to these practices. Any problems must be reported to the top management, which will find solutions in keeping with the practices. The practices are intended for application in all our business operations in order to ensure the sustainable and high-quality production of bio-based composites.

Quality policy

We follow the ISO 9001 quality management standard and ISO 14001 environmental management standard, acting in accordance with their requirements. The responsible procurement of natural fibre raw materials is important to us, for which reason we obtain the materials from sources complying with the requirements of the FSC forest certification system.

Aqvacomp’s REACH declaration of conformity

In terms of the REACH Regulation, Aqvacomp is a processor and fully meets the responsibilities assigned to the role. We constantly strive to ensure that all our suppliers have carried out registration or pre-registration for raw materials and chemicals to be used by Aqvacomp within the scope of application of the REACH Regulation.

No Aqvacomp product or substance used during manufacture is included in the ECHA list of hazardous substances.