Patented Wet Web Formingin process

The patented technology used by Aqvacomp utilises pulp fibre as reinforcement for plastic without breaking its structure. Thanks to this, Aqvacomp products have excellent technical properties and superb processability. Aqvacomp composites are highly suited for acoustic and haptic applications. Aqvacomp composites can be processed like plastics, using existing plastic processing technologies. They are suitable for injection moulding and extrusion, for example.


  • Natural material for reinforcing plastics
  • Can be recycled 100% up to six times without compromising the mechanical values
  • Saves energy in processing: Aqvacomp materials reduce the carbon footprint by up to 60%
  • Technical advantages: Excellent mechanical values, reinforces plastics, Visually high-quality surfaces, Easy to dye
  • Meets the upcoming ecological challenges
  • Meets the customer requirements, also in the future